Saturday, July 7, 2012

Increasing Disorder

Increasing Disorder at a Dining Table: A Drawing by Sarah Wigglesworth and Jeremy Till. 

Though the images above are cited as the point of departure for the design of a home/studio space for the architects, I would prefer to dwell on the drawings themselves as artifacts in their own right - particularly the centre image. See detail below.


Increasing Disorder at a Dining Table (Detail) The drawing / mapping carefully attempts to superimpose moments in time of an everyday event. It captures a movement from order to disorder.

I first came across this image a couple years back in a book on Architecture and Food. I’m pretty excited about it now as a pairing to a Japanese sewing pattern book (to be posted soon).

On a slightly unrelated note...Jeremy Till wrote a wonderful book a couple years ago entitled ‘Architecture Depends’. It’s about time I pick it up again and get inspired.