This years members of OYT include:

Heather Smith 
I’m an architecturally experienced person with a curiosity for painting. I’d like to learn through painting while learning about painting.
Nicky Bruun-Meyer 
I have a passion for the built environment, cities, public space, and community engagement and like to explore these topics through photography, writing, and other design projects. In addition to Open Eyes Toronto, I have engaged my creativity by way of The Stop Night Market, Gallery 44, 100 in 1 Day, and Toronto Design Offsite Festival.
Geoff Christou
As well as receiving my Masters of Architecture in 2013 and doggedly pursuing my Internship in Architecture, I am co-founder and CEO at Our Paper Life, a cardboard furniture company, as well as a co-founder of Framestr, an e-commerce platform based around sharing. I enjoy designing, building, and collaborating on projects which test our understanding. I find inspiration inspiration in nature, history, architecture, and geography.

Joanne Frisch 
As an architect / designer I continue to explore the context, form and patterns that surround me. Recently I’ve been focused on the process of Design/ Build. I love collaborating to actualize ideas as they can become objects, buildings, cities, etc. Currently I am working at Urban Space Property Group doing design and project management. In my spare time I am becoming obsessed with water. .
May Wu
I moved to Toronto after architecture school, since then I’ve spent much time exploring the city and capturing its bit and pieces with my camera. I’m always intrigued by material and details. Currently, I’m exploring with textiles and origami.
Adrienne Michelle Comars
is self-declared as well as institutionally-reared to read the urban and rural landscape in a way that is analytic, playful and solution-oriented. She has a keen interest in flexible spaces, adult playscapes and healing the spirit through interactions with built and ecological landscapes. In addition to being a part of Open Eyes Toronto she also engages in other community oriented projects like Toronto Radio Project and Samba Elégua. .
Gelareh Saadatpajouh
Gelareh is one half of Society of Homo Ludens, an experimental studio that practices place-making through various methods including psychogeographic walks, narrative environments, play and storytelling. She’s also the co-founder of Playwalk, the practice of exploring the city for no other purpose than play. She has been heavily involved in mobilizing the Canadian design scene, and was the director of Research and Development at Toronto Design Offsite Festival for the past three years.
Felipe Aranda V
Felipe is a multidisciplinary visual artist specializing in 3D visualization, Architectural photography & video. He experiments with Imagery collection, photographic tracking and visual documentation as actions-concepts to expose and celebrate human built spaces and natural environments. He is the founder of glocal Imagery
Michael Charendoff
As a public education coordinator, Michael communicates stories about water. As an outdoor enthusiast, he can be found paddling the rivers and lakes, hiking the forests and cross-country skiing the trails of Ontario.