Monday, October 15, 2018

Utopia - Art Show and Party - November 3rd, 2018

First published in 1516 by Sir Thomas More, the word‘utopia’ (ou-topos) literally means ‘not-place’. Inspired from the term’s delicate distinction from eu-topos (‘a good place’), More envisioned a grossly complex, self-contained community in which people shared a common culture and way of life.

As a collective of artists and designers, Open Eyes Toronto (OYT) explores the irresistible exercise of Utopia and its many elusive forms. Through a diversified range of media and approaches, these representations are personal and experimental.

We are in a society and time in which there are many questionable and possibly dystopic circumstances occurring -- this year’s display offers an opportunity to share ideas and observe intricate perspectives, but also to remain both curious and inspired.

You are invited to join us on November 3rd from 7pm until midnight, for an Art show and party based around Utopia.

The Gallery address is: 54 Marigold Ave, Toronto. Orange warehouse door next to 54 Marigold Ave in Lesleyville.

Please RSVP, and see more event details see: