Monday, November 11, 2013

#oyt2013, #openeyestoronto, or #thecondoshow

Hello Friends,

We hope everyone is gearing up for this year's Open Eyes Toronto event on November 21st at Make Works!!

With this years theme of "The Condo Show", we thought if would be a fun idea to see Toronto's condo life through your eyes! So whether you live in a condo, next to a condo, across from a condo, like a condo, hate a condo etc. we want to see a picture.

Tag your Instagram photos with #oyt2013, #openeyestoronto, or #thecondoshow to have them displayed at the opening party. We plan to print them out and create a grid of Toronto's condo life.

Also, don't forget to follow OYT on Instagram @openeyestoronto

We look forward to seeing you on the 21st!!

OYT xo