Thursday, November 14, 2013

Feature - CITY SWATCH - RAW Design

Continuing our posts showcasing work featured in the show this year we have from the team at RAW Design, whose submission will challenge the "pure" verticality of condos and the influence of it's context and time on the development.

Condos are rapidly altering the form of our city; however, the future of this typology is not vertical. RAW will examine two forces that illustrate that our condo life is inside of the sea of urbanity.

1. The ground plane of our city is its most characteristic fa├žade. The amenities and services which inhabit this limited commodity define our neighbourhood’s identities. Every project begins with the acrobatic task of grafting additional density onto the street – accommodating a plethora of services on a limited footprint.

2. As with any new construction, condos undergo lengthy scrutiny by multiple stakeholders. Each project has site-specific guidelines and input from the local community, government, and private entities. This process is integral to the final physical form of the building.

Condo life is not shaped by an abstract vertical city, it is rooted in its geography and formed by its surroundings.

RAW will examine these themes using infographics and a physical model based on our previous work. The display will include an interactive kit of parts allowing viewers the opportunity to play the role of designer in creating their very own model of condo life.

Come to the Condo Show to see the full project!