Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Feature - The Alice Diaries

Continuing previewing the work that will be featured in the upcoming Condo Show, I am happy to present Nicole Tomasi's project, entitled "The Alice Diaries".

The home as I describe it is a mass with 1 to 3 levels of rooms for a resident to entertain, dwell or sleep in. Often there is a crawlspace or basement below and an attic or roof space overhead. I am interested in the make-up of the home as described above as an assortment of hiding places where any child may climb within to momentarily, much like the rabbit hole, disappear. Often these found spaces are mistaken as un-inhabitable dusty corners, when in fact; their existence in darkness is entirely transformable based on the user’s ability to daydream. I use these ideas of the home and ask where their place exists within the condominium tower for the adult daydreamer?

The Alice Diaries documents a collection of such spaces discovered in a downtown condominium tower where the home has managed to burrow into the blueprints of a tower where it lay to rest until a resident discovers its presence.

Photographed doll house size models are used to document the daydreamer’s portal and to invite the user to partially submerge their self within the space distorting their notion of familiarity and scale to what is documented in the photographs.

See you at the show!